Company Profile

ZAKAIís nursery and plant tissue culture laboratory, is located in central Israel. ZAKAI specializes in plant propagation and tissue culture production as well as consultancy services worldwide. ZAKAI professionally introduces, breeds and develops plants from many parts of the world.

ZAKAI possesses sophisticated greenhouses, equipped with the most modern systems in the world, which permit a complete control over the growing conditions for each plant, thus assuring its being free of pests and diseases. After growth in the greenhouse, ZAKAI continues cultivating the plant in its open fields, if needed. All plant products are grown under our constant supervision and certified by the Ministry of Agriculture.

Expertise: ZAKAI, through its staff and associated consultants, provides expertise in all aspects of flower, vegetable and fruit production, and tissue culture laboratories. Associated consultants include top scientists in Israel's agriculture research institutes and field-experienced supervisors and growers. Such expertise can take the form of feasibility studies, farm management and training of local staff. In addition, ZAKAI, through its intensive network of contacts, can provide its clients with Israeli experts for different short or long terms.

Technical Products: ZAKAI works closely with major manufacturers of irrigation systems, greenhouses, fruit handling systems, agricultural machinery and others. By understanding the customers' short and long term needs, ZAKAI can provide the products that best fit the customers' requirements and budget.


Zakai Agricultural Know How and Inputs P.O.Box 3,  Industrial Area Mishor Adumim Israel 98510 

Tel: 972-2-5901333 Fax: 972-2-5901336   Email: zakai@zakailtd.co.il