Zakai Agricultural Know-How & Inputs Ltd. provides technology, supervision and training for the establishment of and ongoing operation of agricultural projects. Among Zakai's areas of expertise are fruit production, floriculture and tissue culture laboratories. In addition to the large projects, Zakai provides technical assistance to many growers in Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador. 

Summary of Major Projects:

Argentina - Zakai established a nursery and several fruit orchards in the La Rioja province in 1994-1995. The nursery specializes in production of olive, grape and stone fruit plants. The total area of the orchards planted under Zakai's supervision is of several thousands of hectares. Moreover, Zakai currently assists a large olive and olive oil producing company. The technical assistance includes current treatment and management of the orchards, and professional guidance.

FORMER SOVIET COUNTRIES - Zakai is currently assisting a large company to establish its nursery and orchards, starting from testing and choosing the land, and will continue assisting it until full production of the crops.


Colombia - Zakai was involved in the management of a propagation center at the north of Bogota, specializing in high quality nucleus and foundation Carnation plants.  Currently Zakai assists and sells plant material to green ornamental growers, as well as flower growers in the Sabana of Bogota and Rio Negro.


Egypt - Zakai assisted in the implementation and management of a tissue culture laboratory. Zakai currently provides tissue culture laboratories with high-quality clean plant material for the first generation of propagation.

Perú - Zakai provides current technical assistance to various fruit tree orchards and assists also in the erection of new ones. Moreover, Zakai deals with the diversification of the existing crops and their adaptation to the changing market requirements, such as the change from traditional flowers to green ornamentals or new flower species.


South Africa - Zakai assists in the planning and implementation of new flower and ornamental orchards and gives current technical assistance to existing ones, while optimizing incomes and seeing to it that they adapt to the changing demands of the world market.



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